Article 1 - Scope of application.

The present General conditions of sale apply, without restriction or reserve to all sales entered into by the site to consumers and non-professional or professional buyers, wishing to acquire the products or services offered for sale on our website.

These are general conditions of sale applies to the exclusion of any other conditions, including those applicable for in-store sales or other distribution and marketing circuits.

The Customer declares to have read these General Conditions of Sale and have accepted them by checking the box provided for this purpose prior to the implementation of the online order procedure of the website

Therefore, any performance performed by the site therefore implies the unconditional accession of the buyer to the present General Conditions of Sale.


Article 2 – Content of the General Terms of Sale.

·       Sales prices include products and services.

·       Any shipping costs.

·       Delivery time.

·       Payment conditions

·       After-sales service.

·       Your rights to withdrawal.

·       The duration of the offers.

·       The cost of a remote communication to contact us.


Article 3 - Our contact information.

To contact us, here are our contact details:

Sébastien Amoros

22 C Chemin de Collonge

38200 Vienna

Siret 82942556000010

·       Email address:


Article 4 - Nature of products offered for sale.

The products and services offered for sale on our website are:

·       Micro spy

·       Micro spy GSM

·       Micro spy Recorder

·       Micro spy detector


Article 5 - Amendment of the General Terms of Sale.

These are General conditions of sale which may be subject to further amendments, the version applicable to the purchase of the Customer is that in force on the website on the date of the order.

Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded in the site's computer system constitute proof of all transactions concluded with the Customer.


Article 6 - Right of access, rectification, and opposition.

In accordance with the law Informatique et Libertés of 6 January 1978, the Customer has at any time a right of access, rectification, and opposition to all of his personal data by writing, by email and justifying his identity to:


Article 7 - Our price policy

The prices of the products or services sold are those in effect on the day the order is taken.

They are denominated in euros and calculated excluding taxes.

Website agrees the right to modify its rates at any time.

However, we undertake to charge the products or services ordered at the prices indicated when the order is registered.

These rates are firm and not revisable during their validity period, as indicated on the website

We reserve the right, apart from this period of validity, to change prices at any time.


Article 8 - Discounts and discounts

Featured rates include discounts and discounts that Finaway, would have to be awarded in the light of its results or the buyer's care for certain benefits.


Article 9.1 Orders.

The main features of products and services are presented on the website.

The Customer is required to be aware of this before any order is made.

The choice and purchase of a product or service are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The photographs and graphics presented on the websiteare not contractual and cannot engage the liability of the Finaway company.

The Customer is required to refer to the description of each product or service in order to know its essential properties and characteristics.

It is up to the Customer to select on our website the products and services it wishes to order, in the following terms:


  • The customer freely chooses the product(s) or services he wishes to acquire.

  • The customer validates his order by the acceptance of General Conditions of Sale and makes the payment using the payment methods available on the site.

  • A confirmation of the order and receipt of the regulation is transmitted to the customer.

Contractual information is presented in French and is subject to confirmation at the latest at the time of validation of the order by the Customer.

Validation of the order by the Customer shall be accepted without restriction or reservation to the present General Conditions of Sale.

The Customer acknowledges the ability to contract and acquire the products or services offered on the website

Products and services on the websiteAre proposed for sale for the following territories:

·       Europe

·       Asia

·       Oceania

·       North America

·       South America


The sale will only be considered final after the Customer has sent the confirmation of the acceptance of the order by Finaway Company, by e-mail, and after the Customer has received the full price and/or after payment by the Company of the entire deposit due.

For orders placed exclusively on the internet, the registration of an order on the site is realized when the Customer accepts these General conditions of sale by checking the box provided for this purpose and valid its order.

The Customer has the option to check the details of the order, its total price and correct any errors before confirming acceptance.

This validation implies acceptance of all these General conditions of sale and is proof of the sales contract.

It is therefore up to the Customer to verify the accuracy of the order and to report any error immediately.

Any order placed on the website constitutes the formation of a contract concluded remotely between the Customer and the company.

The company reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order of a Customer with whom a dispute concerning the payment of an earlier order exists.

The Customer can follow the evolution of his order on the website

Any modifications to the order by the Customer may only be taken into account by Finaway Company within the limits of its possibilities and provided that it is notified by e-mail to the seller at least 2 days before the date provided for the delivery of the order.

In the case that these amendments could not be accepted by the company, the sums paid by the Customer will be returned to it within a maximum of 7 days from the notification of the impossibility of accepting the modifications requested by the Customer (unless the Customer prefers to benefit from an asset).


Article 9.2 Returns.

Any product returns must be preceded by an application via the contact form. The company will assign a VAS return number to the product(s) concerned and will send it by e-mail to the consumer as well as the return address, different from the address of the head office.

The exchange of a product can only take place after the allocation to the consumer of a trade number. Once a return number is assigned you can send us any product to exchange or refund by having by the DHL carrier, to the return address that you have been specified by email, different from the address of the head office. In order to be accepted, any return must be notified before the Customer Service via the procedure described above. Return shipping costs are borne by the consumer. The return processing time may vary from 5 to 30 days depending on the product (indicative time given).


The product does not match the description:

If a customer receives a package that does not match its description, they are invited to contact our technical service by email for an exchange or refund request by credit to the following email address:

The client will have to make a complete description of the problem encountered and attach photos for the proper processing of the file.


In case a return is requested:

- The customer must return the product under the same conditions as he received it

- The return must be done at our return centre only by a private DHL carrier at the following address: name: Zhao Zong Cai, A160, Huitong Security Market, HuaQiangBei, Shenzhen city, China, Postal code: 518028.

- The cost of return is under customer responsibility

- The customer is invited to transmit the follow-up number of his return package to customer service

After confirmation of the customer’s return of the product and the validation of our technical team, the exchange or refund will take place. In the case of a refund by having, only the cost of the product will be refunded. The cost of shipping the basic shipment will not be refunded


Defective product :

Our customers have two working days from the date of receipt of the order to notify us of a possible problem with a product.Any order determined to be defective by the manufacturer will be subject to repair or full replacement.


Inaccurate command:

The customer is responsible for verifying the conformity of the package at the reception of the package. If the parcel did not meet its request, the customer has a two-day delay to send us the package. A replacement of the product or purchase voucher valid on our online store will be available within seven working days after receipt of the return package.


Color error:

If the color of the product received is not that ordered, please contact our customer service to set up the return and exchange procedure for the product concerned.A replacement of the product will take place after receipt of the package in our return center.


Article 10 The duration of the offers.

On our site, product and service offers are valid as long as they are visible on the site.


Article 11 Shipping costs.

Sales prices including tax for products and services do not understand :

·       Order processing fees.

These fees are charged on an additional charge, under the conditions indicated on the website and calculated prior to the order being placed.

The payment requested to the Customer is the total amount of the purchase, including these fees.

An invoice is prepared by the company Finaway and delivered to the Customer upon receipt of payment.


Article 12 - Payment terms.

The price is payable in full on the day the order is passed by the Customer, by secure payment, as follows:

  1. Stripe:Visa, MasterCard, American Express, other blue cards.

Payment data are exchanged in encrypted mode through the SSL protocol

Payment is only debited upon execution of the service:

in the case of payment by credit card, the card is debited only at the time of execution of the order.

The Finaway company will not be required to deliver the products and services ordered by the Customer if the Customer does not pay the price in full under the above conditions.

Payments made by the Customer shall be considered final only after the actual payment of the sums due, by finaway Company.

In addition, the company Finaway reserves the right, in the event of non-compliance with the payment conditions set out above, to suspend or cancel the delivery of the current orders made by the customer.

No additional costs, higher than costs incurred by the company Finaway for the use of a means of payment cannot be charged to the customer.


Article 13 Deliveries.

Deliveries are made to the address indicated on the order form that can only be in the agreed geographic area. Orders are made by private carriers or by mail, delivery service with tracking, handover against signature.

Delivery times are only given as an indication; if they exceed four twenty ten days from the order, the contract of sale may be terminated and the buyer refunded. The company Finaway will be able to provide by e-mail to the buyer the tracking number of its parcel. The buyer is delivered to his home by the transport company.

In the event of the buyer’s absence, he will receive a notice of passage from the transport company, allowing him to remove the products ordered from the nearest DHL centre, for a period specified by the transport company. The transport risks are borne by the purchaser from the time the items leave the premises of Finaway. The buyer is required to check in the presence of the delivery attendant, the condition of the packaging of the goods and its contents at the delivery.

In the event of damage during carriage, any protest must be made with the carrier within three days of delivery.


Article 14 After-sales service.


We're listening.

Each customer has a different need depending on the service purchased.

As a result, each problem is treated separately taking into account customer comments.

In case of need, the customer contactes the after-sales service to report a problem with a service or to request information about its use.

Finally, we will strive to provide you with quality information.


For any request please use the contacts below:

·       Name of VAS: SpyTod

·       Email address:


For any VAS request, please provide the following information:

·       Your First Name and Name.

·       Your phone number.

·       Your email address.

·       Your order number and invoice number.

·       The product or service reference.

·       The date of receipt of your order.

Please describe precisely the nature of the deficiency found.


Article 15 – Guarantee.

In case of non-conformity of a product sold, it may be returned to Finaway Company which will reimburse you in the form of having. All claims, exchange requests or refunds must be made by DHL private carrier at the following address: Zhao Zong Cai, A160, Huitong Security Market, HuaQiangBei, Shenzhen city, China 518028 within two days of delivery.


Article 16 Settlement of disputes.

These conditions of remote sale are subject to Hong Kong law. For any litigation or litigation, the competent court will be Hong Kong.


Article 17 – Accountability

The company Finaway in the remote selling process is only held by an obligation of means. Its liability cannot be incurred for damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as data loss, intrusion, virus, service failure, or other involuntary problems.


Article 18 Intellectual property

All elements of the site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of Finaway. No one is allowed to reproduce, operate, or use, in any way, even in part, elements of the site in the form of photo, logo, visual or text.


Article 19 – Personal data

Finaway is committed to preserving the confidentiality of the information provided by the purchaser, which it would be required to transmit for the use of certain services. As such, the Internet user has a right to access, modify and delete information about it. It can make the request at any time by email to the following address: