Camera detector and spy microphone

Camera signal detector and automatic spy microphone


The M8000 is a spy device detector high sensitivity. This professional equipment automatically detects micros, GPS tracers and spy videos.

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Spying has become common to get information without someone’s knowledge. An immoral practice, of course, but which is widespread and favoured in certain areas such asindustrial espionage. It is therefore clear that you cannot feel safe when you suspect you are listening or under surveillance. For example, GPS trackers can track you and even spy your privacy. That’s why we have to get together with one gPS tracer detector to avoid this kind of problem.

This GPS tracer detector emits a sound signal or a light signal (on LED) as soon as it detects a spy device in an area of 36 m2. Of course, you have to find the frequency used by the device. This device can detect in a frequency range from 1 MHz to 12 GHz. A very wide band that even allows to find the devices belonging to the last technological wave. The "automatic search" function allows the device to effectively detect a spy device on all frequency bands.

A light signal or sound beep will start as soon as this device detects a spy device. The closer the device will be, the more the signals emitted will intensify. The area covered by this detector is 36 m2, it is ideal to carry it in your bag or car.

Data sheet

Paper Type
125 x 52.5 x 21.5mm
175 grams
Type de batterie
Lithium polymer
Battery capacity
Detectable frequency range
1MHz to 12GHz
Scope of analysis
36 m²

Specific References

    Can micro spies be hidden in common objects?

    Yes, spy micros can be hidden in common objects such as pens, clocks, mobile phone chargers or even clothes.

    How to use a micro spy detector?

    To use a micro spy detector, turn it on and move it slowly around the room by paying attention to detection signals.

    Do the spy microphones emit background noises?

    Yes, spy micros can emit background noises such as riggings or clicks even when no one speaks in the room.

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