Micro spy device detector

Radio wave detector and spy camera


The CX007 allows detection of'micro spy it's very simple. The micros, spy cameras and GPS tracers are detectable by this product.

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The coming of micros spies and spy cameras in the mass market allowed to popularize spying. Thanks to the Internet, access to these equipment has become very easy. They allow to hear and monitor a conversation or a place without awakening any suspicion. It is clear that a personal discussion under listening or a spying company can severe consequences financial or other. To avoid this, it is better to equip yourself with this camera/micro detector and waves.

This is spy camera detector is a small material with a size of 7.5 cm x 5 cm x 1.5 cm and a weight of 58 grams. These features allow him to enjoy an exceptional discretion while having exceptional performances.

It can, without any problem, detect spy cameras operating on a frequency of 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz. Its adjustable antenna detects spy devices within a radius of 10 meters. You can easily manipulate it, because the device interface is very intuitive. A light signal or sound bips (or both) will be issued when the device detects the presence of a spy device in the vicinity. The closer you approach the device, the more the signals will intensify.

As for the battery life, this device is very efficient. It is equipped with a 400 mAh lithium battery that ensures a great autonomy. You can use it for a whole day without charging it. It will therefore adapt to all types of use whether personal or professional.

Data sheet

Paper Type
7.5cm x 5cm x 1.5cm
58 grams
Detectable frequency range
1MHz to 6.5GHz
Reaction mode
Visual or auditory
Scope of analysis
Range of 10 meters

Specific References

    Can micro spies be hidden in common objects?

    Yes, spy micros can be hidden in common objects such as pens, clocks, mobile phone chargers or even clothes.

    How to use a micro spy detector?

    To use a micro spy detector, turn it on and move it slowly around the room by paying attention to detection signals.

    Do the spy microphones emit background noises?

    Yes, spy micros can emit background noises such as riggings or clicks even when no one speaks in the room.

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