Micro spy detector

All Terrain Wireless Camera Detector


This is camera detector mid-range is for professionals. The array of functions it presents allows to detect any spyware (camera, micro, GPS tracer...).

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This is camera detector 175 x 60 x 65 mm dimension with a weight of 400 grams, is a professional tool which stands out from the other models by its robustness and solidity. It can work in all situations even at extreme temperatures. Indeed, this spy camera detector can operate under a temperature of -10 °C at 55 °C. This model is comparable to a military tool thanks to its high impact resistance.

If new camera and micro spy models work without wire, this model can easily detect them. Indeed, it can spot them (camera, micro, GPS tracer...) operating on radio, GSM, Wi-fi or Bluetooth waves. This model detects a spy device using a frequency band from 20 mHz to 6.0 GHz. For more reliability, this model has a very sensitive and dismountable antenna.

It works by emitting a light beam, a sound beep or both. The signals will intensify as the aircraft approachesspy device. Note that this model can cover a 50m perimeter, which makes an area of 7850 m2 of coverage.

This device is equipped with a lithium battery, which ensures a battery life of several hours. Its charger and user manual, necessary to understand all its features, will be delivered in the package.

Data sheet

Paper Type
175 x 60 x 65mm
400 grams
Type de batterie
Detectable frequency range
20mHz to 6.0GHz
Reaction mode
Visual and sound
Scope of analysis
Max 50 meters

Specific References

    Can micro spies be hidden in common objects?

    Yes, spy micros can be hidden in common objects such as pens, clocks, mobile phone chargers or even clothes.

    How to use a micro spy detector?

    To use a micro spy detector, turn it on and move it slowly around the room by paying attention to detection signals.

    Do the spy microphones emit background noises?

    Yes, spy micros can emit background noises such as riggings or clicks even when no one speaks in the room.

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